From my blog

  1. My experience of modern frontends

    Modern Frontends

    Gen Ashley - A conference built on lies and broken promises

  2. a handdrawn 10 by 10 grid

    Swipey image grids.

    SVG isn't just useful for illustrative animation. It's hella handy for UI too.

  3. A schedule lies on a lilac background

    My Typical Day

    A typical day during a time that's anything but.

  4. Cassie's logo

    Making lil' me - part 2.

    The long awaited part 2 - using values from mouse movement to animate an SVG.

  5. Cassie's logo

    Making lil' me - part 1.

    How to get values from mouse movement and plug them into an animation - the mouse movement bit.

  6. A book lies open on a black background

    Reading in the dark

    Your productivity doesn't define your worth. - A reminder to myself after a bout of depression

  7. Cassie's logo

    Creating my logo animation

    Creating my logo animation using SVG and GreenSock

  8. The word perfectionism on a blue background, the letter T is wonky

    Shoes at last!

    Fighting perfectionism, and finally getting my own blog started.

Articles from elsewhere

  1. a spaceship following a dotted SVG path

    Motion Paths – Past, Present and Future

    Exploring the upcoming CSS motion path module and the newly released GSAP3.

  2. an SVG illustration of an office building, covered in trees

    Earth day, API's and sunshine

    Hooking into a solar panel API and creating an animated, SVG forest to celebrate Earth day

  3. a cursor hovers over a white circle

    The many ways to change an SVG fill on hover

    How do you go about adding a colored hover effect to an icon if it’s not an inline SVG? An exploration into CSS and SVG filters

  4. clearleft est. 2005

    Static sites, slack and scrollytelling.

    Since I started at Clearleft, I’ve had my eye on our timeline…