Shoes at last!

2 minute read

I've been trying to get my own website up and running for a while now, but between a lack of spare time, endless design ideas and uncertainty about what tech to use I've ended up with nothing.

(You know what they say about cobblers children.)

But no longer will my children go un-shod. I've managed to get a progressive, accessible blog up in record time thanks to the lovely Andy Bell and his eleventy starter kit, Hylia.

In typical perfectionist fashion I was planning on getting my own site looking exactly right before revealing it to the world. But, as I've been saying recently in one of my talks,

Perfect is the enemy of good

Getting something up is infinitely better than getting nothing up at all!

So, after months of overpreparing, overthinking and procrastinating. This weekend I decided to practice what I preach.

I finally ditched the idea for a big reveal and instead worked on getting as much done as possible, within the time I had available.

I couldn't go full MVP though...

I knew I wouldn't be happy unless my website had some sort of cute animation on it. But I didn't want to get carried away and lose sight of my main goal.

A little logo animation seemed like just the thing. Visible enough to inject a bit of bouncy joy, but small enough to not be a massive time sink.

I posted it on twitter when I finished it earlier this week. A few folks asked about how it was made and asked whether I could write a tutorial.

This has definitely helped spur me on, it's a bit tricky to write a blog post without a blog.

Tutorial post incoming!...